Community Consultation



Our first copublic consultation 1mmunity consultation event was held in December 2014 where we gave people the opportunity to complete a questionnaire regarding the proposals.

Here is the information presented at the Consultation:

The problem,Why are we doing this?Background,Benefit of CLT model,CLT Vs Developer,Community Benefits,construction method and community benefits,how does CLT home remain affordable?,Delivering land for housing,Affordable housing definition

We received over 200 replies to the questionnaire and have now closed the feedback form. Thank you to all those who replied.

We have continued to consult with the village since the initial meeting by holding stalls at village events. We also have both a Facebook Page and Twitter feed that regularly updates the hundreds of followers with news and relevant linked stories.



Now we are nearing the completion of the pre planning stage we are holding a Public Presentation of the plans in the Aune Room on Friday 16th November 2018 at the Old School Centre.

Social media has been updated and posters are out around the village.

We and the design team will be on hand to welcome new members and answer any questions.