Custom Building & Eligibility

What is Custom Build Housing?

Custom Build Housing is housing in some part built by members of the CLT, for members of the CLT. Simply put, home owners will help build their own home!

Residents will receive support from the CLT to get involved in the building of their own energy efficient house. Locally sourced, sustainable and natural, environmentally friendly materials will be used wherever possible and projects will be overseen by professionals to ensure only high quality homes are created.


Who is eligible?

The local authority agrees the allocation policy, as it will form a condition of the planning permission. Generally, people who have lived or worked locally for five or more years by the time they move in to their home, or who have local family connections and who are unable to afford to buy a suitable house in the parish are eligible.

Most importantly people must commit to carrying out some of the work, and supporting others with their building where necessary. Where more people have applied than can be accommodated, eligibility will be based on the criteria of housing need, point of involvement and extent of local connection.