At the core of our ethos is sustainability. It is absolutely paramount that the homes we build are sustainable and environmentally friendly

From the very beginning, South Brent CLT have had a very clear objective to build low impact, environmentally sound, sustainable homes using natural, locally sourced materials (wherever possible). Our plan is to build using timber frames and natural fibre insulation, following an architect approved future proof design.

We aim to harness alternative fuel sources (solar PV) and position the houses to optimise solar gain. The community would also create allotment, orchard and garden spaces, which would be open for use by the wider community.

We anticipate homes built by South Brent CLT would score 5-6 on the Code for Sustainable Homes. More information about this method of measuring sustainability can be found on the Government website 


Impact on traffic flow and the local area

The site is located in close proximity to the village centre meaning that walking to and from the shops, schools and local services is entirely possible and will be encouraged. As all residents are already living in South Brent, it is projected that minimal impact on the village infrastructure and services will occur.